Dr. Persephone Highmore

CEO of COIL, greatly respected roboticist , and a high-level magic user.


Persephone is the Daughter of Margarete Tindelsen and Zachary Edward Highmore, great-granddaughter to Ezeriah Stamerford Highmore, founder of the company that became COIL.

Persephone was raised to appreciate what her family had, her mother and father often taking their young daughter on regular trips to the hospital so she could see first hand what work the company did. How the company worked to better the lives of people.

During her college years Persephone hung with a crowd that played with bookstore magic as a hobby. During her ‘play’ Persephone discovered she had a natural talent for real magic. Persephone approached her parents who accepted the news easily. Persephone’s great grandfather had a touch of talent and used it in his craft.

Persephone’s parents spared no expense to get her the best training that could be found, calling in favors from friends all across the globe. Persephone’s talent blossomed under guidance from teachers from all over the world and all walks of life.

During this time Persephone’s parents shared their secret with her: they were active members of the super hero community. Though they had no superpowers or magical talent of their own, they had resources. Resources they were proud to share with the superhero community the world over.

Dr. Persephone Highmore

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