Marzanna; demon, goddess, machine or mammal? She is a strikingly powerful character seemingly armored head to toe.


_ Note: This is an initial entry to learn the tools – stats, BIO, nor description finalized at this time_

STR | 36 | +13

DEX | 16 |


INT | 26 |

WIS | 24 |

CHA | 16 |


Marzanna is a sleek and powerful entity, seemingly a melding of magic and technology. There can be no mistaking the technological aspect of her armor. Slender, blue-gray and white. A long silken robe-like cape sometimes covering her form, other times pulled back, running down one shoulder like water pouring serenely from a roman statue.

Marzanna’s abilities, however, seem to extend well beyond the realm of current technology…


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